November 27, 2017

New covers released!

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Erik has released the covers for Savage Dragon #232 and #233!
Cover for Savage Dragon #232

Cover for Savage Dragon #233

Alternate cover version of Savage Dragon Vol.2 #233 The cover for 233 has already gotten some attention on social media and while a lot of people seem to get the joke, there were also voices of concern. Apparently displaying a comic with a cover like that can still cause trouble in this day and age – at least in an “all ages” section. But, Savage Dragon isn’t an all-ages book and it has officially been rated as “M/Mature” for a while…

Erik also has a slightly different version of the cover online and asked people which they prefer. What do you think?

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Update on Savage Dragon #231

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Malcolm getting kicked by a Savage Sex Doll
A couple of days ago we posted the cover for Savage Dragon #231. People started wondering who that new character on the cover is and if she is a hero – or a villain. Now we have the solicitation text:

Made for love. Programmed to kill. Malcolm Dragon faces the menace of the Savage Sex Dolls.

So, for now, it seems Erik is adding a character to Malcolm’s new rogues gallery in Toronto. Multiple characters actually as he is talking of “dolls”. It will be interesting to see what their agenda is. Or better yet – the agenda of the person who programmed these dolls…

Stay tuned!

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November 22, 2017

Savage Dragon #228 on sale today!

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Just a quick reminder that the new issue is out TODAY! Pick up a copy or two of Savage Dragon #228 and join the discussion over on Discord. There’s a lot to talk about…


Russ Burlingame’s Interview with Erik about Savage Dragon #228 is online over at If you still haven’t gotten your copy, there are a couple of preview pages over at Image Comics

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November 14, 2017

Savage Dragon #231 Cover

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Savage Dragon Vol.2 #231 Cover

We still don’t have a solicitation text for #231, but Erik postet this sweet Savage Dragon #231 Cover preview on Facebook. It seems like this new character doesn’t even break a sweat kicking Malcolm’s ass. Asked where he found the inspiration for this “lovely ass kicker” Erik answered: “Manga and sex dolls”. The Savage Fincast talked about this as well, explaining the concept of “magical girls”. Check out their latest podcast around the 8:00 minute mark.

The cover is a real head-turner as you try to figure out the perspective. Erik commented on this as well:

I briefly considered putting the logo on landscape to emphasize that. But it created a lot of weird tangents and wouldn’t have worked well on a newsstand.

Savage Dragon #231 Cover sketch

Erik dismissed the idea of putting this out as a variant but it’s still an interesting idea and a nice insight into Erik’s creative process. We’ll keep you updated on this as soon as we know more…


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November 9, 2017

Preview: Savage Dragon #228

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It’s less than two weeks until next issue so let’s take a look at what we can expect from Savage Dragon #228.

Cover Savage Dragon #228

As we can tell from the cover, Malcolm is about to meet an old enemy of his father. The Seeker is a favourite among fans, although he hasn’t made an appearance in the comic in almost 15 years!

Who is the Seeker?

Splashpage of The Seeker from Savage Dragon #87The Seeker first showed up in the Savage World storyline in issue #87 and attacked Dragon without warning or explanation. We never see him utter a word which makes him even more mysterious. Is he man or machine? And what is his agenda?

It was assumed that he was working for CyberFace but we can’t be sure about that. Dragon eventually escaped the attacks of this powerful villain in issue #88 when he managed to destroy his glider with the hammer he had ‘borrowed’ from Thor.

The Seeker attacking Dragon in #87The second and actually last time The Seeker showed up was in Savage Dragon #106 which was released in December 2002. By that time CyberFace had been disposed of but the Seeker seemed to continue his mission to eliminate Dragon. Our hero once more barely escaped by robbing the seeker of his flying device. The Seeker was stranded in the snow, wandering an unspecified location in the Great Northwest.

And now, 15 years later Dragon’s son Malcolm will have to face this foe and his powerful blasts and missiles.

The Seeker’s Design

The Seeker’s glider probably reminds most people of Spider-man’s famous nemesis The Green Goblin (and his various incarnations). Erik recently posted on Facebook though that the true inspiration is actually a villain called the ‘Red Baron’ who appeared in the pages of Kamandi #22 way back in 1974.

Covers of Kamandi #22 and Savage Dragon #87 #106

As we can see Erik did not only base his design on the Red Baron but he also payed homage to the cover of Kirby’s Kamandi #22.

What else?

Malcolm was originally beardless on the cover but Erik added the goatee before he sent the book to the printers. You can see just a wee bit of facial hair on Malcolm’s face on the cover of #227 and you can watch him grow it during the issue so it only made sense to update the solicited cover for #228. Here’s the old cover for comparison…

Also: Erik posted this great pin-up of ‘Li’l Dragon’ by Scott Shaw which will be featured as a backcover of #228.

Li'l Dragon backcover for #228 by Scott ShawAs Erik put it: “This makes me smile. Scott Shaw’s Li’l Dragon back cover image on Savage Dragon #228 next to the Rated M/Mature UPC code. Gotta love it.”

If the Facebook chatter between the two is any indication we might see some more of Scott’s great work in the future.

That’s it for now. If you are still not convinced to pick this copy up you might want to check back next week. We usually have some preview pages by the time the issue hits the stands.

Until then

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November 2, 2017

Savage Fincast on Discord

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Discord Logo
Just a short notice that we have added the link to the Savage Fincast Discord channel to our Links Section. The guys from the Fincast came up with the great idea to use Discord as a chatroom where we can text or voice chat about the latest issues or everything else Savage Dragon related.

You can simply use Dicord in your browser but there’s also a free software with some additional features (like alerts when people start chatting) and there’s also an app for your smartphone.


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October 18, 2017

Savage Dragon #227 on sale today!

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Cover Savage Dragon #227
Today is “New Comic Book Day” and Savage Dragon #227 hits the shelf. Make sure you buy a copy or three. If you’re like me and have to wait for your physical copy to be shipped, you can always buy digital issues at Image comics or over at Comixology. If you still need to be persuaded, check ot these awesome preview pages…

Savage Dragon #227 preview Page 1It looks as if the issue picks up right where we left off in #226. All aliens are deemed illegal which leads to some trouble for Alex, Angel and her mom. Last issue they entered Dimension X in search of DarkLord’s time machine to bring back the deceased Dragon. And it looks as if that’s Super-Tough enforcing President Trump new law…

Savage Dragon #227 preview Page 1And would you look at that gorgeous double-page spread of our heroes in peril.

James Purcell of the Savage Fincast (podcast) set up a channel at Discord so we can chat (via text or voice message) about the latest issue. The plan is to meet there tonight. This is a first so we will have to see how things work out. And now grab your copy of #227 and enjoy.


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October 13, 2017

The Variant Covers Overview

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Selection of Savage Dragon Variant Covers
Years ago, when Erik’s Board on the Image Comics Forum was pretty much the only place to talk about Savage Dragon comics, members would often chat about all the variant issues that existed and what they were missing from their collections.

I could get confusing. What was that issue again with the Matsuda cover? Which variants were newsstand editions? Why are there two wizard #½ comics and which came with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity)?

At one point I came to the conclusion that we needed a complete overview of all existing variants and so I gathered all the covers and made a thread that became a sticky at the top of the forum. The Savage Dragon board is unfortunately gone now and although Erik does have all the covers on his Facebook page I still think it’s cool to have the Savage Dragon Variants Overview back on the official site.

You can find it in the Comics section. Have fun hunting those issues down – some are very hard to get. In fact, I recently realized I’m still missing one myself…


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October 2, 2017

First post in a brand new direction!

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Screenshot of the redesign from 12 years ago

Well, it’s come to this: finally got a redesign. It was long overdue and it took me way too long, but here we are. In with the new, out with the old.

I took over reins as webmaster in early 2016 and had initially planned to just keep things up and running and a little bit more up-to-date. I soon realized though that the old page was a pain to work with. No wonder, the last relaunch happened 12 years ago. The website used ancient HTML, frames, tables and you had to manually save files in different sizes and places to make it work. It wasn’t pretty…

Getting started with the redesign

I checked with Erik if he was OK with a redesign – his reply was pretty much: “Do with it what you will…”

I talked with Raven Perez, who’s running and pretty much does what an official Savage Dragon website should have been doing. I took some inspiration from his page and made some layouts. And then nothing…

Life got in the way and things just lay there. It wasn’t until earlier this year that I finally sat down and seriously started to work on the page. I’m a graphic designer by trade and I had some pretty good basics in building websites but I had my work cut out for me. Eventually, I made this WordPress theme from scratch. It’s responsive, so you should be able to browse the page on your smartphones – I hear smart people do that…

Optimizing the Site

It’s still work in progress. Most likely it has a couple of bugs. I already know about a couple of things that need improvement. Let me know if there’s anything that doesn’t work or if you have any suggestions.

It’s still missing some content. I need to put all the crossovers and collections into the comics section and I’m also thinking about implementing the classic variants overview (now that the Savage Dragon forum on the old imageboards is history). Eventually each issue is supposed to have its own page with a short summary and a link to the wiki. As you can see I already have the layout for that but it will take some time to fill in all the content. And I might bring back the sketches collection from the old site. I know Erik has a huge collection on Facebook but I’d love to have that on the official website as well.

For now, I’m glad the redesign is finally online and it’s still in time to celebrate Savage Dragon’s 25th anniversary. What better way to say thanks to Erik for 225+ issues of the best superhero comic on the stands.


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