July 17, 2018

In review: Savage Dragon #232

Savage Dragon #232 came out in march 2018.

It is the second issue with Ferran Delgado as letterer and it is the second time he added letters to the cover!

The book had originally been solicited without the copy on the cover but Erik often keeps reworking his covers until the last possible minute and it seems he is aiming for a more classic comic book look.

More cool cover copy by Ferran Delgado. Something about cover makes a comic book look like a comic book. It’s weird to poke through the bundles of books I get from Image and see my book amidst all the others. It’s like–“how did this COMIC BOOK get in here?”

This also shows in the return of classic title pages. Readers may remember that Erik frequently used them during his “Savage World” storyline where he was emulating the look of classic comics of the silver and golden age.

And now titles are making a comeback and Ferran Delgado letters on them look amazing!

As of Savage Dragon #232 I’ve returned to titles and credits. I do love the way these things look but I have a bear of a time actually coming up with titles for stories.

Oh, and here is an initial design for the Wraith that Erik eventually dropped because “he was too Kirbyesque for the part”. Who knows though — maybe we’ll see a character like that down the line in some other context. He looks way to cool to disappear in some drawer.

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