There are a bunch of fun and usefull resources when it comes to Savage Dragon. This is a list of links that we encourage you to check out. If you think we are missing out on something, let us know and we’ll look into it…

Image Comics

Image Comics is the publisher that Erik helped found in 1992 and it’s been the home for Savage Dragon ever since. You can subscribe to the series, buy digital editions of the comic or just check out some of the other great books at Image. Visit page

Savage Dragon Wiki

The Savage Dragon Wiki is the most sophisticated resource when it comes to all things Savage Dragon. It features in-depth summaries of all the comics, bios for all characters that ever appeared in the book and more. It started as a fan project by a couple of notorious Savage Dragon fans, but has long become an official resource. Erik himself uses the page to keep up with the evergrowing cast of his book and even adds to and edits the page. The page was originally hosted at wikispaces but we moved it to our server when wikispaces shut down. We are currently working on a new layout for the Wiki – Stay tuned. Visit page

Savage Fincast

Do you like podcasts? There’s one that’s all about Savage Dragon! Hosts Craig, Jim and Raven chat about the latest issues and various sideprojects and ever so often Erik joins the fold for an in-depth interview. Visit page


The guys from the Savage Fincast set up a Savage Dragon channel on Discord. You can use Discord in your browser or you can install the software on your computer. Oh, and there’s also an app for your smartphone – just search for ‘Discord’ in your appstore. Visit page


Raven Perez is a long-time Fin-Addict and he’s been helping to spread the word about Savage Dragon and some of Erik’s other projects with his nifty fanpage. Check it out! Visit page