Savage Dragon is one of the longest-running comic books on the market and has amassed an impressive bibliography in its 25+ years long history. The following pages are meant as an overview over all Savage Dragon comics.

Savage Dragon Comics

This section is currently divided into four sections. Of course, there’s a complete list of all the books from the ongoing series which is referred to as Volume 2. Then there is an overview over all the mini series’ – most notably the original first mini series from 1992. Additionally, there’s a list of all the One-Shots that featured the Dragon and a collection of all the Spin-Off titles that came out in the 25+ years of the book’s existence. We finish this section off with a complete variant overview.

Selection of Savage Dragon comics

In the future we will expand this section to feature all the crossovers and we’ll gather all the different forms the book has been collected in. Check the Savage Dragon Wiki for complete listings while we are hard at work scanning covers.

Ongoing Series

The ongoing series (Savage Dragon Vol.2) has been published since 1993. It has always been written, penciled and inked by Erik Larsen – at times he even did colors and lettering. The book is well beyond its 200th issue and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. go to series overview

Mini Series’

The first issues of Savage Dragon (Vol.1) were released as a three-issue mini series in 1992. Over the years there have been a couple of additional limited series’ … go to series overviews


Aside from the above multi-issue limited series’ there have also been a couple of one-shots that expanded the highbrow universe … go to overview


If you want to have a complete Savage Dragon collection you’ll need all the variants as well and there been quite a few in the 25 years the books been coming out. Most of them are from the Ongoing Series but there are also a few among the One-Shots and Spin-Offs … go to variant overview