Welcome to the official Savage Dragon website! This website is all about the comic book “Savage Dragon” which is written, pencilled and inked by Erik Larsen and published by Image comics.

On the front page, you’ll find up to date information about everything revolving around the (so-called) Highbrow Universe: Comic solicitations and previews, links to interviews, reviews and podcasts and everything else that might be interesting for the true Fin-Addicts out there. You can also find a (eventually complete) list of all books that feature the Dragon or are in some way connected to the series. Check out our link section for a nice collection of resources. If you want to find out more about the comic book character and its creator you’ll have to look no further.

Savage Dragon

“Savage Dragon” is the name of the ongoing comic book series published at Image Comics that features the adventures of the character named “Dragon” and, in more recent times, the exploits of his son Malcolm Eugene Dragon.

Erik created the Dragon as a kid, heavily influenced by characters such as Captain Marvel, Batman and Speed Racer. For years he drew and stapled his own comics just for himself until the character finally saw his first public appearance in the self-published Graphic Fantasy #1 in June 1982. read more

Erik Larsen

Erik Larsen has been in the comics business for over 30 years. He has worked for most of the major publishers and shows no signs of slowing down. He is the creator/writer/artist of Savage Dragon and was one of the seven founders of Image Comics in 1992.

As a child growing up in Bellingham, Washington and Albion, California, Erik Larsen created several comic books featuring versions of a character named ‘Dragon’. He eventually published a fanzine, which led to his doing professional work on a comic book called Megaton for creator Gary Carlson. It was here that he introduced the Dragon, a super-powered superhero, to the comic-reading masses. read more