• Sotiris Gravas

    I like how Maxine and Malcolm are shown wearing their wedding rings more prominently nowadays.

  • matthew cashel

    i understand wanting more malcolm pages but larsen uses the back-up stories to allow the fans to catch-up with some of the cast. his main story is still 22 pages but instead of a multi-page letter column and a, personally, enjoyable back-up, we would have in-house ads.

  • James Madison

    Another fun read and excellent art.

    My only constructive criticism is that I wish that the back stories were limited, so that there are more pages dedicated to The Savage Dragon.

    • Stefan Kalscheid

      The backups aren’t really taking anything away from the main story, James. Erik still does his 21 pages every month — the backups are a bonus. Otherwise, Erik wouldn’t be able to put out the book on a monthly basis.

      • James Madison

        I hear you, Stefan. It’s just a wish of mine for more of Erik’s art and story. (^_^)

  • FuMaku

    Dang! This issue came out quick!

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