October 13, 2017

The Variant Covers Overview

Selection of Savage Dragon Variant Covers
Years ago, when Erik’s Board on the Image Comics Forum was pretty much the only place to talk about Savage Dragon comics, members would often chat about all the variant issues that existed and what they were missing from their collections.

I could get confusing. What was that issue again with the Matsuda cover? Which variants were newsstand editions? Why are there two wizard #½ comics and which came with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity)?

At one point I came to the conclusion that we needed a complete overview of all existing variants and so I gathered all the covers and made a thread that became a sticky at the top of the forum. The Savage Dragon board is unfortunately gone now and although Erik does have all the covers on his Facebook page I still think it’s cool to have the Savage Dragon Variants Overview back on the official site.

You can find it in the Comics section. Have fun hunting those issues down – some are very hard to get. In fact, I recently realized I’m still missing one myself…


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