February 19, 2019

In review: Savage Dragon #235

Cover Savage Dragon Vol.2 #235Savage Dragon #235 came out in July 2018.
Back cover of Savage Dragon Vol.2 #235
As you can see on the cover the book introduces a great looking new villain — I’ve seen fans talk about Malcolm’s relatively small rougues’ gallery ever since he left Chicago so this is a welcome addition to the roster. I also love the title of the book “Nothing beats Buffalo Stu”. I have a hunch Erik heard someone talk about buffalo stew and got inspired…

Find out more about Buffalo Stu in the pages of this epic issue.

This issue also features a “Big Bang Comics” backup with two short stories. Here’s the great back cover by Frank Fosco. I think it look awesome and the vintage treatment by colorist Adam Pruett makes it even better.

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  • Stefan Kalscheid

    Your comment got lost in a bunch of spam and I only just got around to approve it – sorry. I have no problem with negative critics. Naturally, I love Erik’s artwork. I think there’s a lot more to it than the obvious Kirby influences. If you followed the book you’d see that Erik is constantly working on his art and trying different art styles and approaches. To each his own I guess.

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